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with catie lazarus

The longest running, critically-acclaimed, beloved talk show hosted by a female, not on TV. For now, enjoy the live show and/or the podcast. Either way, it is a fun, fascinating glimpse into the careers of super special snowflakes, like Jon Stewart, Zadie Smith, Lin-Manuel Miranda to The Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Most World Records. 

Slate Live presents Employee of the Month is a  live talk show recorded for podcast and hosted by downtown comedy darling Catie Lazarus.  With a nod to comedy variety shows, Lazarus honors and interviews people she admires who (mainly) love what they do. Their candid conversations reveal the fun, frustrations, good, bad and absurd involved in creating and sustaining a fulfilling career, be it as an actor, athlete, activist, astrophysicist, FBI agent, taxidermist, singer,  journalist, politician, or orgasm expert. With a background in psychology and comedy, Lazarus is as deft riffing as she is at asking incisive questions. Her impeccable eye for discovering cutting edge talent  and insatiable curiosity about people ensures each show offers something for everyone. Ultimately what sets the show apart is her silly, smart and thoughtful sensibility which enables guests to have as much fun as the audience. From the get go, Employee of the Month garnered a cult following, which is why The New York Times describes it as “beloved” and The Guardian hails it as “a downtown institution.”

Why go to a live taping when I can listen to the podcast? Do it all or both. Bonus episodes on the podcast are recorded 1-on-1 and the tapings are a ridiculously fun ride. Along with candid conversations, you’ll see music, comedy, and EOTM’s house band led by MC Andrew “Jelly D.” Bancroft, beatboxer Shockwave, both of FreeStyle Love Supreme, and Eric Biondo (Antibalas). The band frequently welcomes guest musicians such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, James Monroe-Iglehart, Rob Jost (Antibalas, Dear Evan Hansen), Justin Carroll (Moondrunk), Jordan Katz (De La Soul), Arthur Lewis (FreeStyle Love Supreme), Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Clipping), Jared Dixon (In the Heights), Adam Busch (Common Rotation), Grey McMurray (Knights on Earth), Eric Kufs (Common Rotation, Indigo Girls), Camille Harris,  Yair Evnine (Waitress), Ashley Perez Flanagan (Moondrunk, Great Comet) and Smoota (TV on the Radio). There are also live illustrations from Michael Arthur to Ella Trujillo and more. Each live show culminates with an Award Ceremony, where guests receive the coveted Employee of the Month Award, which falls somewhere between a Nobel Peace Prize and a free cup of coffee. At the heart of the show are the conversations and community thanks to our beloved Employee of the Month fans!  


"If oprah & stephen colbert had a baby, it'd be catie lazarus...."  -

 February 16, 2017: Alan Alda, Sarah Jones, Emel Mathlouthi and The Yes Men

February 16, 2017: Alan Alda, Sarah Jones, Emel Mathlouthi and The Yes Men