congressman barney frank

What do Bono and Nancy Pelosi have in common? They both gave Barney Frank memorable wedding gifts. Considering Frank was the first gay Congressman to marry his partner while in office, Bono and Pelosi were probably thrilled to make the cut for the guest list. Frank’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. A nice Jewish boy from New Jersey, with a bit of a lisp and a lot of chutzpah, Frank became one of the most vocal, witty, passionate, and persuasive progressive political leaders. A recent documentary Compared to What, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, chronicles Frank’s 40 years in public service, including his eponymous struggles and triumphs as a 16 term Massachusetts Congressman. We sat down after the film at the Soho House in New York City to speak about his experience, work habits, C-Span’s gluttony, and why he thinks Dick Cheney is a liar.