Saturday July 21st, 8:30pm

Employee of the month with catie lazarus

at the KENNEDY CENTER in Washington, DC


catie lazarus honors & interviews:




AND employee of the month's houseband featuring FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME'S CHRIS "C Jack" Jackson, ANdrew "Jelly D." Bancroft, chris "shockwave" sullivan, and arthur "the geniuses" lewis, & antibalas's Eric Biondo for music, magical conversations & mischief. it is all very exciting. 


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7 pm, Sunday August 5th

Employee of the month with catie lazarus

at Largo in Los Angeles

catie lazarus honors and interviews employees of the month:

Tig notaro

Fred Armisen


And a SURPRISE. As always, music from employee of the month's houseband featuring freestyle love supreme's Chris "shockwave" sullivan and andrew "jelly d" bancroft and more music, magical conversations and mischief.





 slate presents:

Employee of the month with Catie Lazarus

Saturday April 7th, 2018 at 7:30-9 pm

abrons arts center

catie lazarus honors & interviews: MASHA GESSEN (national book Award winning author & journalist), Martha Plimpton (emmy Award winning actor) & ANTHONY ATAMAnUIK (Star of comedy central's the president's show). plus musical guest lucy wainwright-roche.   

as always EOTM's houseband featurES Lin-MANUEL MIRANDA'S Freestyle love supreme's chris "shockwave" sullivan & ANdrew "Jelly D." bancroft, CAMILLE HARRIS & antibalas' ERIC BIONDO is back!




Counting down to july 2018

employee of the month got more than a face-lift. coming to you with whole new season featuring masha gessen, hannibal buress, alex Lacamoire, martha plimpton,  emily mortimer & dolly wells, resistance revival chorus, the moth's artistic director catherine burns, marina franklin, sheila nevins, celina su, mike albo, hamilton's chris jackson & more. 


you can hear past seasons with lin-manuel miranda, jon hamm, patti luPone, rachel maddow, gloria steinem, and 183 other phenomenal guests on any of these platforms.  





hall of fame




with catie lazarus

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH with Catie Lazarus is the only late night talk all about work, jobs, and labor. The brain child of writer, host and downtown comedy darling Catie Lazarus,  from the get go, her show developed a cult following and critical-acclaim. Why? Lazarus's insatiable curiosity,  dry wit, intellect and palpable warmth infuses her candid conversations with  her remarkable guests, about what it takes to (mainly) love what they do. The result is a vital lens into the beauty, banalities, and absurdities of where we spend most of our waking hours.  With an impeccable eye for talent and capturing the zeitgeist, Lazarus also features scintillating live performances and her EMPLOYEE of the MONTH house band features Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop group Freestyle Love Supreme as well as musicians from Antibalas, The Dap-Kings, Common Rotation to Broadway shows like Hamilton, Lion King, and Dear Evan Hansen.  It is easy to see why New York Magazine says, "If you like WTF with Marc Maron, you'll like Employee of the Month." Employee of the Month delivers a fun, fascinating ride, if you want a night out, great new podcast or are  wondering if you should quit your day job and/or stick to self-medicating. 



Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus is a talk show recorded for podcast.   Lazarus honors and interviews people she admires who (mainly) love what they do. Their candid conversations reveal the fun, frustrations, beauty, banality and absurdity involved in creating and sustaining a career, be it as an actor, athlete, activist, astrophysicist, FBI agent, taxidermist, singer,  journalist, politician, or Muppet. With a background in psychology and comedy, Lazarus is as deft riffing as she is at asking incisive questions. Her impeccable eye for discovering cutting edge talent  and insatiable curiosity about people ensures each show offers something for everyone. Ultimately what sets the show apart is her silly, smart and thoughtful sensibility which enables guests to have as much fun as the audience. From the get go, Employee of the Month garnered a cult following, which is why The New York Times describes it as “beloved” and The Guardian hails it as “a downtown institution.”

Why go to a live taping when I can listen to the podcast? Do it all or both. Bonus episodes on the podcast are recorded 1-on-1 and the tapings are a ridiculously fun ride. Along with candid conversations, you’ll see music, comedy, and EOTM’s house band led by MC Andrew “Jelly D.” Bancroft, beatboxer Shockwave, both of FreeStyle Love Supreme, and Eric Biondo (Antibalas). The band frequently welcomes guest musicians such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, James Monroe-Iglehart, Rob Jost (Antibalas, Dear Evan Hansen), Justin Carroll (Moondrunk), Jordan Katz (De La Soul), Arthur Lewis (FreeStyle Love Supreme), Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Clipping), Jared Dixon (In the Heights), Adam Busch (Common Rotation), Grey McMurray (Knights on Earth), Eric Kufs (Common Rotation, Indigo Girls), Camille Harris,  Yair Evnine (Waitress), Ashley Perez Flanagan (Moondrunk, Great Comet) and Smoota (TV on the Radio). There are also live illustrations from Michael Arthur to Ella Trujillo and more. Each live show culminates with an Award Ceremony, where guests receive the coveted Employee of the Month Award, which falls somewhere between a Nobel Peace Prize and a free cup of coffee. At the heart of the show are the conversations and community thanks to our beloved Employee of the Month fans!  


"If oprah & stephen colbert had a baby, it'd be catie lazarus...."  - Broadwayworld.com

 February 16, 2017: Alan Alda, Sarah Jones, Emel Mathlouthi and The Yes Men

February 16, 2017: Alan Alda, Sarah Jones, Emel Mathlouthi and The Yes Men


about CATIE

Who is this magical unicorn? According to Broadway.com, if Stephen Colbert and Oprah had a baby, it would be Catie Lazarus. A writer, talk show host and downtown comedy darling, Lazarus has a gift for delivering honest, engaging conversations, thoughtful interviews and, according to her nursery school teacher, she can yap "on any subject, whether she knows anything about the subject matter or not." Her unique background in psychology, comedy and journalism may be why The New Yorker found, “Lazarus gets people to open up in ways that others cannot.” Stephen Dubner, co-creator of Freakonomics, says that, “Lazarus manages to be empathic and hilarious at the same time.”  Gothamist named her “one of the finest live talk show hosts” and Lewis Black called Catie Lazarus, “more brilliant than she’ll ever know” and Freakonomics author Stephen Dubner says, “Catie Lazarus has the rare ability to be empathetic and hilarious at the same time.” 

Lazarus is best known for being the first person to interview Jon Stewart, after he announced his retirement from The Daily Show. Their interview went viral, as did her interview with Jill Abramson, when she served as Executive Editor of The New York Times, and revealed her four tattoos, including a New York Times "T."   Lazarus has interviewed countless celebrities,  be it Bette Midler or Robert Redford to politicos, such as Congressmen Barney Frank, Samantha Power, Al Franken, but is unabashedly down-to-earth whether speaking with Pulitzer, Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Nobel Prize winners to a former pick-pocket, sex therapist, FBI agent, or the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Most Guinness Book of World Records.

As a writer, Lazarus has contributed to The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Marie-Claire, The Daily Beast, Slate, Cosmo, Out Magazine, The Forward, Bust Magazine, Sundance Channel, IFC, Sesame Workshop, weTV, numerous anthologies, and a cartoon for Funny or Die, inspired by the mouse who couch surfed in her apartment, rent-free. She has also done more serious reporting, like her series Exit Interview for the Atlantic, where she spoke with people about being fired, retired, pushed out, and quitting. Lazarus has also performed stories at The Moth, RISK, Story Collider, Night of Our Lives and UCB's Asscat.  

Lazarus lives with her dog Lady Lazarus, who works in the Culinary Arts as a Food Tester, and is available for hire. Feel free to contact her dog on Linked-In, who is ready, willing and able to be a bread-winner (and does not make bad dad jokes. Only her owner does.)  




“1 of The Top 10 Absolute Best Comedy Shows”

New York Magazine’s Best of 2016

“Catie Lazarus is one of the finest live talk show hosts”


“Catie Lazarus is one of New York Comedy Scene’s Most Valuable Players”

Tyler Coates, Esquire.com





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