Patti lupone

Patti LuPone may be best know for her irresistible voice, but the two-time Grammy and Tony, and Olivier Award winner’s secret weapon is feeling everything. Lord knows, especially on stage, there are actors who overact and mug, in doing so, leave no room for audiences to respond. Then there are ones who are so muted, that if you stuck a needle in their limp arm, they wouldn’t flinch. LuPone thrives when she can be unflinchingly honest in a performance, which requires discipline to turn into art. She did in Evita, Gypsy, and Anything Goes, as well and now in the Showtime series Penny Dreadful. LuPone is equally at home doing comedy and has had stints on comedian Brett Gelman’s terrifyingly funny short on Adult Swim and Lena Dunham’s GIRLS on HBO. LuPone is funny, candid, and whip-smart off stage, which isn’t surprising, but no less mesmerizing. Our conversation was recorded live at Joe’s Pub. In it, LuPone revealed that you can get crabs as easily from sex as you can from the theater. We also spoke about love, both her relationships with Kevin Kline and her fabulous husband, Matt Johnston, and why it takes otherwise, confident smart women way too long to realize they don’t need to settle. In our interview, Patti LuPone was joined by Tituss Burgess, the Emmy nominated actor for his role in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as they sang one of Patti’s signature songs Meadowlark. Tituss called the experience of singing live with Patti LuPone, unrehearsed, “one of the best nights of his life.” Once you hear our interview, you’ll know why.