with Catie Lazarus

Employee of the Month’s live show is back! Check out our reel below to see what a live taping is like.  If seeing what fun the show is leads you to fear what you’re missing out on, get tickets in advance and gloat. This way, other people can experience envy.  (We also record it for podcast, so if you have to miss these fun, magical evenings, you can hear other people enjoying themselves.)

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH (EOTM) is a talk show all about work. I wanted to interview and honor the special snowflakes who (mainly) love what they do. That said, dictators are ineligible for the coveted EMPLOYEE of the MONTH award. I started interviewing phenomenal folks about their careers in 2010. I hosted the live shows at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB) in New York and Los Angeles as well as The Bell House, before heading to Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in 2014.

Above is my interview with Jon Stewart, who after announcing he was retiring from The Daily Show,  spoke with Catie Lazarus about directing Rosewater, leaving his Emmy and Peabody winning baby, being fired from Woolworth by his brother, and seducing Gillian Anderson before David Duchovny could get his mits near her beautiful self.

On the live show, Catie Lazarus also shows vides and sketches. Here is one where she decides to start a business devoted to BREAST MILK: THE ONLY TRULY LOCALLY SOURCED MILK in Brooklyn.  

For more, you can subscribe on iTunes to the weekly PODCAST or attend a LIVE TAPING. Don’t just take it from us, alumni and fans of Employee of the Month offer their opinion of Catie Lazarus and Employee of the Month below….

“Catie Lazarus has the rare ability to be both hilarious and empathic at the same time. So when she interviews people, the audience really gets sucked into their lives (in a good way) but they also split their seams laughing.”  – Stephen Dubner, Co-Creator, Freakonomics

“Damn, you’re good. You’re like me, but sexy.”      – Dick Cavett

“You’re like Charlie Rose, but funny.”      – Gloria Steinem

“Catie Lazarus’ ‘Employee of the Month’ is one of the funniest, classiest, silliest, and smartest talk shows that I’ve ever encountered. The lovely host not only possesses a remarkable wit, but she’s well informed, and doesn’t simply rely  on the comedic or antic, which would be easy because she is very very funny. There’s a sneaky, morally centered impulse riding under the discourse with her guests. She has great respect for her audience and she’s not afraid to ask tough questions. And this is all delivered with warmth and great respect for the notion that we must all occasionally make fools of ourselves if we are to pursue a life that’s worth a damn.”   

– Adam Rapp, Obie Award winning playwright, director, and actor

“In addition to being one of the more entertaining interviews I’ve ever had, Catie Lazarus made me feel welcome, warm and as if what I do for a living somehow counts.” 

– Sloane Crosley, New York Times best-selling essayist

“Congratulations on “EOTM” being named one of the best comedy shows by New York Magazine. They certainly had a tough time, I’m sure, because it is really much, much, more than comedy. And I really do love all of it.”  – Barney, a Longtime Fan